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The extensive hardware collection of the partnership has allowed past experience in video creation and editing to be offered as a professional service. Images of any format can be taken, enhanced, edited and burned onto DVD for optimal home viewing. So say goodbye to the fading wedding video, the clutter of cassettes containing snippets of events and shows you must have to hand. Convert them all to DVD professionally and have up to 4 hrs footage on a single, indexed menu disc from R'n'B.

Super 8

In the early 90's I converted some super-8 reels to video. The reels had to be posted to a specialist firm in England and this was quite nerve wracking as the images were so personal and treasured. All tapes arrived back and successfully converted to VHS but even though all reels were carefully labeled and in order they appeared out of sequence and with an awful musical soundtrack that was not requested or relevant to the events on show. This made watching the tape uncomfortable and confusing as there was no continuity or flow to the movie.

I heard of R'n'B's ability to convert home movies to DVD and thought I would give it a try to bring enjoyment back to my old super-8 reels. It wasn't easy and the amount of re-sequencing was hard work for all. The team proved to be very thorough in ensuring the order of events was correct, even picking out errors I had made. I got to choose songs that I remembered from my youth and even some that were played at the weddings and events on the reels. They match the mood perfectly. I cannot thank R'n'B enough as I can now watch the whole series of events in order, effortlessly, or view it in snippets through the menu screen created by R'n'B.

As Brendan from R'n'B said, "When you're transferring this stuff to digital format it's worth doing right. It'll last forever." And that it certainly will.

Old Movies

Checking out the video collection in my own house allowed me to realise that I had hundreds of movies I wanted to keep but they were all on video, taped from TV. Was it worth converting? Surely just buying the things would be cheaper, they'd all be in bargain buckets. But then I realised that no, all the movies I wanted were in one place already, my living room and that the equipment owned by R'n'B would be up to the challenge.

Twenty of my favourite films were converted to DVD and even with R'n'B's rudimentary editing and enhancements they were better to watch too. My wall of video cassettes has now become a wallet of disks.

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