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The look and feel of your site is the single most important factor in keeping visitors' attention. At R'n'B we respect the desire for businesses to be portrayed as they see fit with fully interactive design steps for those that want a hands-on experience. Likewise we have our own designers, a growing team of affiliates who specialise in graphic design, for those that prefer it all to be done for them. Layout, logos, colour schemes and animations are all investigated for each new site and a range of templates are considered carefully by the team. One of these designs will be given customer approval and the final site produced.

All singing, all dancing

One problem with sites is heavy reliance on animation or graphics which means that visitors have to have the right plug-ins and a high speed connection. This is fine for movie trailer sites etc but careful consideration should be given for your site. Does it really need that 500k flash intro or do the main pages have to have so many photographs? Let people see your homepage quickly, then give them the option to see that nice photo-album or animation.

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