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Site Maintenance

Once your site is up and running, what then? Is the content static, only to be altered once in a blue moon? Or do you need monthly, weekly, daily or hourly updates? Site maintenance is more than ensuring hackers do not defile your site content or use your scripts maliciously. Good sites have updates relevant to their needs, news sites by the minute, catalogues by the season and some information sites can be created and be around for decades without ever having their content altered. All sites do need maintained though. This can be as simple as having the domain name re-licenced, or more involved by increasing bandwidth and adding functionality to the site. Basically, maintenance is all the necessary tweaks that ensure your site works the way it is supposed to.

Updates are personal. Maintenance is technical.

Once a site is created the content is as flexible as you want. Sites that rely heavily on changing content, say a band fanzines, can have information easily updated to any page on their sites. It's as easy as an e-mail and does not compromise any of the other web page elements.

Spam filters, e-mail accounts, database security, stat logs are all part of the maintenance of a site. It's the stuff you don't notice when the site is properly maintained but complain about if neglected.

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