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Mission Statement

R'n'B Web Design aims to provide rural businesses with affordable and versatile web pages.
Offering comprehensive consultations and state-of-the-art development techniques our experienced team will endeavor to supply companies with the best on-line presence to complement their business needs.

A Brief History of Our Time

Taking leave of their senses, the partners decided to go self-employed in October 2003 and have enjoyed a rapid growth of business and interest for all services they provide. Experienced in the development of software tools for industry, web pages and cd-roms for various organisations Raymond and Brendan Brady teamed up in order to provide these solutions to the local business community. We continually invest in our own training and in our hardware and software tools to ensure that we can offer the best of services to our clients.

Raymond Brady

Having qualified as an electrician I worked in the construction industry for 15 years. While working on a control panel for a brick company in Magherafelt I was told that a central processing unit would automatically look after the panel and its functions. This sparked off an interest in computers and I returned to part time education and completed a BTEC national certificate in computers, earning distinctions in all 15 modules of the course. In 2001 I studied multimedia in the Nerve Centre. This course included Web design and maintenance, film making, animation, sound recording,digital imaging and CD/DVD ROM production. In 2003, having worked for other people for over 20 years, Brendan and myself decided that we had enough knowledge and expertise to make a living for ourselves. R'n'B Web Design is the result.

Brendan Brady

After graduating from Queens university with a degree in Applied Physics I went on to study for a Masters in Opto-Electronics, completing my research in the ion-ion collision laboratories of the University of Giessen in Germany. Then I joined a band and studied sound recording for three years. Touring the world making music didn't mix well with wanting to start a family. So, in 2000 I puckered up and took a soul-destroying, rotating shift job, based in a telecommunications multi-national. There I got introduced to the joys of developing multi-million pound saving software tools for large corporations. I did start a family and now with three children and my wife, I live up a mountain in the middle of nowhere using my skills not to work ridiculous shifts but to play guitar and bring decent web sites to rural enterprises.
I love it.

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