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Leader+ Grant Boosts R'n'B Upgrade

R'n'B Web Design benefited greatly from a rural development grant through the Limavady Borough Council. The timely grant enabled R'n'B to double their own investment in products giving the partnership a much wider scope of servicing capabilities. The team were already dedicated to improving their image capture and processing but were able to include a dedicated suite for professional DVD production as well as industry standard sound editors. This enables the staff at R'n'B to produce world class web sites, animated banners, sound recordings and cd/DVD roms.

Affiliates eager to impress

Since inception the R'n'B Web Design partnership has encountered many groups and individuals eager to be under the R'n'B umbrella. Impressed with the ideals of the company these affiliates have offered their expertise in the areas of photography, logo and flash banner design, sound recording and in the production of DVD's

Company launch postponed

Allowing delivery times and staff training in the new hardware and software of the R'n'B office has meant a postponement of the R'n'B launch. This will now be held later in the autumn, venue to be confirmed.

"We were all set for an August launch. However, the release of the grant funds meant we had to take time out and familiarise ourselves with the new equipment and software tools purchased. Postponing the show meant we would be confident in all aspects of the new gear and its impact on our services to clients." - Raymond Brady, R'n'B Web Design

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