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data protection

Data Protection and Security

R'n'B Web Design are signed up to the governments data security register. We uphold the strictest confidence in client details and in the details they store of their own customers. We are obliged to keep a track of when personal information is to be stored in on-line databases, as access to this information is a constitutional right of every citizen. R'n'B offer complete back-up services of all their password protected files and databases. This ensures that, even in the event of a critical systems failure, all sensitive data will be saved.

Data Protection

People need to be informed when you are to store data about them on your own or your company's computer. For on-line sign-up forms and secure on-line payments this is standard procedure and those completing questionnaires know the information will be saved to a database. Transferring existing records to a database needs to adhere to strict guidelines. Our clients, undertaking this procedure, will be very well informed of all requirements in order to keep them and their stored information legal.


R'n'B take every precaution to minimise the risk to their clients from the attacks of malicious users and hackers. This is mainly achieved by restricting access to the file system of your site, by constantly reviewing the site logs and by changing access codes regularly. This will be based on a specifically designed algorithm.


For financial interactions, R'n'B rely on SSL connections, a robust and global standard for encrypted money transactions. Both the instigator and the receiver of any transfer of funds will be automatically protected from any occurrence of on-line fraud.

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